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Stopping the Clock
  • Painting the Sand
  • By Kim Hughes
  • A book about science, bombs and what happens to the human psyche when every day you go to work might be your last.
  • Published by: Simon & Schuster UK (17 May 2018)
  • ISBN-10: 1471156729
  • ISBN-13: 978-1471156724

Bombs Have No Pity
  • Bombs have no pity **
  • By Lieut-Colonel George Styles G.C.
  • My War Against Terrorism
  • Published by William Luscombe 1975
  • ISBN-13: 9780860021339 - ISBN-10: 0860021335
Stopping the Clock
  • Stopping the Clock **
  • By Brigadier P.G. Macdonald
  • Tells of the work of bomb disposal men; the training, risk and philosophy as they disposed of bombs
  • Published by Robert Hale 1977
  • ISBN 0709161913
Fetch Felix
  • Fetch Felix **
  • By Lieut-Col Derrick Patrick OBE
  • The Fight Against the Ulster Bombers 1976-1977
  • Published by Hamish Hamilton 1981
  • ISBN 13: 9780241103715 - ISBN 10: 0241103711
Fear No Evil
  • Fear No Evil **
  • By a former BOMB-DISPOSAL EXPERT (AT) and Ex-SAT of 321 EOD.
  • Edited by EDITH M. MORRISON, B.A.
  • Printed in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland
  • ISBN 09511746 7 3
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A Price on my Head
  • A Price on my Head **
  • By Kevin Callaghan GM QGM
  • RAOC AT WO1 & RLC TA EOD Officer Kevin Callaghan joined the Army aged seventeen and a half with his sole ambition to drive big trucks.....and was disowned by his father for doing so. Several years later he was decorated for the second time by the Queen to become his country's most decorated peacetime soldier. He was awarded the George Medal and the Queen's Gallantry Medal, and they were earned the hard way. Far from driving big trucks, Callaghan became one of the Army's most respected bomb disposal operators in an age when the terrorists were becoming ever more knowledgeable and their booby-traps increasingly ingenious. This led to him having a bounty of ten thousand pounds put on his head by the IRA.
  • Published by Owl Books 1993
  • ISBN-13: 9781873888506 - ISBN: 1873888503
Braver Men Walk Away
  • Braver Men Walk Away **
  • By Peter Gurney MBE GM & Bar
  • Memoirs of the World's Top Bomb-Disposal Expert
  • Retired RAOC AT Conductor & SO13 Explosives Officer
  • Published by Harper Collins 1993
  • ISBN 0002550512
The Longest Walk, The World of Bomb Disposal
  • The Longest Walk, The World of Bomb Disposal **
  • By Peter Birchall
  • History of the Ammunition Technician Trade 1896 - 1996
  • Published by Arms & Armour Press 1997
  • ISBN 1-85409-398-3
A Special Kind of Courage
  • A Special Kind Of Courage
  • By Chris Ryder
  • 321 EOD Squadron - Battling The Bombers
  • Detailing the history of 321 EOD Company RAOC
  • Published by Methuen Books 2005
  • Revised and re-published in Paperback 2006
  • ISBN 0-413-77276-4
3-2-1 Bomb Gone
  • 3-2-1 Bomb Gone
  • By Col. Steve Smith MBE
  • The Fight Against Terrorist Bombers in Ulster
  • Published by Sutton Publishing 2006
  • ISBN-13: 9780750942058 - ISBN-10: 0750942053
Eight Lives Down
  • Eight Lives Down
  • By Major Chris Hunter
  • The most dangerous job in the world in the most dangerous place in the world.
  • Publisher Bantam Press (09/10/2007)
  • ISBN-10: 0552155713 ISBN-13: 978-0552155717
First Light
  • First Light **
  • By Paul Wharton
  • Bomb Disposal during the Ulster Campaign, how sacrifices went unrecognised.
  • A first hand account of the perils dealing with IEDs during the Irish Troubles.
  • Published by Brisance Books (12 Nov 2009)
  • ISBN-10: 095635291X ISBN-13: 978-0956352910
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Extreme Risk: A life fighting the bombmakers
  • Extreme Risk: A life fighting the bombmakers
  • By Chris Hunter
  • While Chris Hunter’s previous book, Eight Lives Down, concentrated on his time as a bomb-disposal officer in Iraq, this present volume is a more extended memoir: it takes the story of the former boy soldier receiving his commission at Sandhurst in 1994 in a journey that concludes in 2010 with Hunter working as a Private Security Contractor in Afghanistan.
  • Published by Bantam Press (29 April 2010)
  • ISBN-10: 0593060164 - ISBN-13: 978-0593060162
Red One
  • Red One: A Bomb Disposal Expert on the Front Line
  • By Captain Kevin Ivison GM
  • This is the gripping true story of a young bomb disposal officer and his terrifying experiences in Iraq facing daily rocket attacks and terrorist bombs. When two of his colleagues are killed by a roadside bomb, Kevin Ivison is called in to defuse a second even deadlier bomb just a hundred yards from the bodies of his friends. To make things worse, the entire area is under fire from snipers, and a crowd of angry Iraqis have begun to hurl petrol bombs... With little chance of living through this impossible task, Kevin leaves final messages for his loved ones and sets out alone towards the bomb that he is sure will be the last thing he sees. In this gut-wrenching tale of heroism and survival, Kevin Ivison explains why he chose to be a bomb disposal expert in the first place, how he found the courage to face his death, and the unendurable stress that has given him nightmares ever since.
  • Publisher: W&N (19 Aug 2010)
  • ISBN-10: 0297860550 ISBN-13: 978-0297860556
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George Cross Heroes
  • George Cross Heroes: Incredible True Stories of Bravery Beyond the Battlefield
  • By Michael Ashcroft
  • In a broadcast to the nation in September 1940 King George VI announced the institution of the George Cross - a civilian equivalent of the Victoria Cross awarded to recognize the many acts of supreme gallantry being performed outside of the battlefield.
  • From Thomas Alderson, the first recipient of the medal, who heroically rescued several people from trapped houses during one terrible Blitz night, to Lance Corporal Matthew Croucher, who threw himself onto a live grenade in the Helmand province to save the lives of his comrades (and somehow survived), to Barbara Harrison, an air stewardess who died in 1968 after helping many passengers escape from an onboard fire, this book tells the amazing stories of everyone of the George Cross’s 159 direct recipients.
  • GEORGE CROSS HEROES pays tribute to the extraordinary courage displayed by so many of the commonwealth’s men and women in so many incredible situations over the last 70 years.
  • Publisher: Headline Review (28 Oct 2010)
  • ISBN-10: 0755360826 ISBN-13: 978-0755360826
  • More information at
Bomb Hunters
  • Bomb Hunters: In Afghanistan with Britain's Elite Bomb Disposal Unit
  • By Sean Rayment
  • 'Afghanistan is just like Iraq -- hot, dusty and full of people who want to kill you', SSgt Simon Fuller, Royal Engineer Search Advisor Bomb Hunters tells the story of the British army's elite bomb disposal experts, men who face death every day in the most dangerous region of the most lethal country on earth -- Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
  • Publisher: HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS (3 February 2011)
  • ISBN-13: 9780007374786
First Light (second revised edition February 2012)
  • First Light (second revised edition February 2012)
  • By Paul Wharton
  • About the Author: Paul Wharton joined the Army as an Apprentice Ammunition technician. Passing out in 1970, he served for twenty-five years firstly in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps and then in the Royal Logistic Corps, carrying out three operational tours of duty in Northern Ireland and spending time in Germany, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Belize and the Falklands. Retiring from the Army as a Major in 1995, he became a Project Manager and now works for a pharmaceutical wholesaler in Coventry. He now lives in Leicestershire.
  • As violence erupts in Ulster in the late sixties, Paul Wharton begins a journey to become an Ammunition Technician, which will bring him face to face with the terror of the Northern Ireland conflict. Responsible for managing the army’s ammunition and explosives, the unenviable task of neutralising improvised explosive devices also falls to the inexperienced and untried Ammo Techs. In a conflict dominated by the Provisional IRA’s bomb-making prowess, everyday survival is counted as a success. In this the second, revised edition of his autobiography, a poignant insight is given to Wharton’s twenty-eight years of service, from the innocent excitement of life as an apprentice, through three operational tours of Northern Ireland to the subsequent disillusionment of a man who has suffered the losses of war and is now seeking recognition for his fallen comrades. Confronting his own mortality and that of his fellow soldiers every day - and working within a profession that was initially ill equipped to deal with the dangers that it faced - Wharton’s journey is one of courage and the unsurpassed strength and humility of young men at war.
  • Published by Book Guild Publishing (23 Feb 2012)
  • ISBN: 9781846246531
  • More information at Book Guild Publishing
Always By My Side
  • Always By My Side
  • By Christina Schmid
  • About the Author: Christina is the widow of Staff Sergeant Olaf 'Oz' Schmid GC, of 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment, who, aged thirty, was killed trying to disarm a suspected Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Afghanistan on 31 October 2009.
  • 'From the moment I set eyes on him I adored him. The connection between us was so strong it went beyond everything else. All that fell away...'
    Christina and Oz had their whole lives ahead of them. Oz was one of only a handful of bomb disposal experts serving in the British Army, but to Christina he was a loving and devoted husband and father - the one person she could never live without.
    They had always tried to stay positive throughout their time apart, counting the days until Oz could take his next leave. Until one day Christina's worst nightmare came true when she heard the knock at the door...
    Christina and Oz's is a deeply moving story of love and loss, hope and despair, and of living in constant fear. Christina's extraordinary bravery and composure in the face of her husband's death is an inspiration to anyone who has ever lost someone they love.
  • Published by Century, part of Cornerstone Publishing (29 March 2012)
  • ISBN: 9781846059476
  • More information at Random House Publishing